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Please read rules and comment agree thanks
Hit up Admin for Breaks
If you have been on scammers page you will be removed from the group
1. All posts must be approved buy admins at this time.
2. All posts must have a price. If it is up for trade please post trade value.
3. Everything must be coined.
4. No interest posts, advertising or eBay links.
5. Limit of 5 active posts per person.
6. Disclose any and all damage
7. If item does not have a COA it must be stated
8. Do not use any words like Razz, Razzes, gambling or anything of that sort. Use LINE.
9. Do not delete a line for any reason.
10. Once a line has spots taken it is not available to be sold outright. Only exemptions are if everyone in the line agrees to give up their spots or the line has been stalled for 24+ hours. Admin approval is required either way to avoid issues.
1. Absolutely no bashing another member, the price of a card, any admin, or the group. If you have an issue please either pm an admin or the op. Do not question prices or cause issues on a thread. We have zero tolerance policy for violators of this rule.
2. If you are repeatedly selling (especially high dollar items) and not buying into the room, you will be subject to being removed from the room. We don’t expect our big sellers to spend all their money here, but we do expect to see you contribute once in a while at least. This applies to the video team members as well.
3. If you block any admins/mods of the group you will be removed and banned from the group. ZERO TOLERANCE FOR THIS RULE
1. All videos must be run by an approved video team member via Random .org. List of approved video runners is in comments under announcement section.
2. 2 dice 6 or more for standard lines. Lines with 50+ spots minimum is 7. 3 dice can be used as long as minimum is reached
3. Those on the list can run their own videos for lines. They are not allowed to run a video of a line they are in.
4. If there is a mistake or error in a random unless clear results are seen, the video will be automatically re-run.
5. If the video doesn’t meet rules it will be reran no exceptions.
6. Tip your video runner, and in a timely manner. The minimum tip for a standard line is the spot of a line up to $3. Anything $500-$999 is $5. Anything $1000+ is $10. Below is a helpful guide.
If running a cheaper line (under $30) say 10@$1,10@$2 etc. then the tip should be the amount of 1 spot. Once hitting the $30 point tip should be $3
Lines less than $200 = amount of 1 line up to $3 tip
Lines $500-$999 =$5 tip
Lines $1000+ = $10 tip
1. All posts must have a price wether it’s a line, sale or trade post.
2. Pricing should be within fair market value. Utilize 130pt, cardsnoop, eBay, Watchcount, or one of the other sites to check recent sold prices of the card you are selling.
3. There is a big difference in price jump due to a blowout game and price gouging. Please be mindful of that.
4. If you have a problem with the price of a card please contact the op or an admin via pm. Do not question pricing in a thread.
Buybacks & Relining
1. All buy backs must be a minimum of 80% of the line.
2. Buybacks are limited to 2 per item. The 3rd the item must be taken.
3. When an item is reclined after a buyback it must be discounted by minimum of 5%
1. Line and break payments. You have 3 hours from the time of the line is closed to pay or your spot can be sold. If it is after 9pm CST you will have until 9am CST the next day to pay. In minis you have 2 hours hours from the time of the line is closed to pay or your spot can be sold. All forfeitures MUST be approved by admin. Repeat abuse of this will result in the removal of the group.
2. Accepted methods of payment are PayPal, Cahsapp, Venmo and FB pay. E-Checks not allowed. Please pay F&F when paying unless seller asks for it to be paid goods. If you are only able to pay goods, you are required to cover fees. If a seller is only able to accept goods they should cover the fees. When making a purchase please come to terms with each other on method of payment. If you ever have an uncomfortable feeling about a sale please contact an admin.
3. All other payments firesales, auctions ETC… once the sale is closed the buyer has 24hrs to pay for items or they will either. Be rewarded to the next highest bidder/next person to claim item or the item can be reopened for others to claim and/or bid on said item…
1. Please list when items will be shipped in post. If shipping date isn’t posted all items must be shipped 48-72 hours (2-3 days) after payment is sent and provide the winner /buyers with tracking ASAP. PWE is NOT to be used to ship unless agreed upon by both parties. If you don’t know hot to properly ship a card feel free to ask an admin.
2. Shipping should be included in the price of all lines and breaks. Only exceptions are international winners. In this case the winner will be required to pay the difference in shipping cost.
1. When you vouch for someone in a line you are vouching with you reputation and wallet. When you vouch for someone in a line you are responsible for payment. So please only vouch for trustworthy members.
Rules may change as room grows and we will be watching and taking notes on who is the most active members when it’s time to add more breakers to the room

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